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What is The Caribbean Wiki?

The Caribbean Wikia or (TCW for short), is a wiki about the Caribbean. You can create pages about the Caribbean or something related to the Caribbean. But you can also create pages about alternative things that could or will happen in the Caribbean (Like creating fictional nations). The goal for this wiki is to have as many pages about the Caribbean, to help them learn new stuff, and also to help people meet other people with the same interest, allowing people to become friends with one another.

What pages can I make?

You can create any page that is related to the Caribbean, this could mean pages about Alternate/Fictional countries in the Caribbean, a language spoken in the Caribbean and they're different accents (Example: Spanish (Puerto Rico)), pages about the culture of the Caribbean and touristic sites in different islands, cities located in the Caribbean, historical and modern countries in the Caribbean, colonizers of the Caribbean. Basically any page is allowed as long as it follows the terms above, if you would like to create a page that does not fit the categories mentioned above please be sure to contact the founder.

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